After my application is approved, what do I do?

We will contact you as soon as possible to let you know that you have been approved. We can then then immediately schedule a tour of any property you are interested in with one of our property managers.

Can I apply my security deposit to my last month’s rent?

No. Your security deposit is held in a separate escrow account and can only be used for outstanding charges after you vacate the property – NOT for your last month’s rent.

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If something breaks what should I do?

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What are “Self-Service” viewings?

As a progressive cloud-based Real Estate Brokerage, Zen Real Estate Group is continually looking for new technology platforms to streamline processes. We have implemented this within our rental viewing process as well.

Zen Real Estate Group utilized a showing/lockbox system called “Rently” which allows us to provide prospective tenants with fast, self directed access 7 days a week. Because this system is very new to the Rhode Island market (to date, Zen Real Estate Group is the only brokerage utilizing this system), both clients (landlords) and customers (tenants) are often hesitant at utilizing the system. Below are some commonly asked questions which should instill confidence in both parties that utilizing the system is safe, fast, effective and once experienced, the desired way of doing business.

Why Rently?

Even with full time agents on staff, one of the most difficult aspects of listing a property for rent is coordinating a showing. Many schedules must align and of course all parties must show. Rently perfects both aspects.

Where can showings be scheduled?

Self directed showings can be scheduled in one of three ways:

  1. Click on the “schedule now” links and buttons throughout the ads.
  2. Call (401) 270-1251, 24×7 and speak to an operator to schedule an appointment. (English and en espanol operators available)
  3. If you are in front of the property and see a rider in a sign, please text the number presented to you.
How does the process work?

When requesting self-directed showings, tenants will be provided with a brief authentication process. During this process, tenants must verify identity and present a valid (non-prepaid) credit/debit card. Upon successful verification, prospective tenants will be presented with a one-time-use code valid only during the day/time requested during the authentication process. Prospective tenants will be granted access during the verified day/time and must complete a brief condition survey upon entering and exiting property.

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A progressive and innovative approach to Rhode Island’s Real Estate services.  Here at Zen Real Estate Group, you will find a wide variety of valuable real estate resources and information. We operate upon a unique and innovative cloud-based platform whereby we utilize the latest in technological resources and “Green” business practices. This operating model translates into a higher success rate in our transactions, a more efficient process and an overall higher client/customer satisfaction.

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