Service: Leasing

As part of a commitment to provid full circle real estate services, Zen Real Estate Group offers efficient and professional property leasing services.

Step 1: The Assessment

Step 2: Representation

Step 3: Marketing

As more and more people become computer savvy, Internet advertising continues to become the number one channel for marketing real estate. Tenants want to see photos, maps, tours, descriptions, school and community information before they ever leave their home!

We subscribe to a number of online marketing services and utilize a feature called ad syndication. This premium feature allows us to distribute our advertisements simultaneously through only a few marketing channels. This ensures rapid and accurate exposure when adding new changes or making changes to existing listings. We custom tailor a marketing plan specifically for your property and you will receive the most amount of exposure while providing tenants with the information they need.

We may also advertise with local schools, hospitals, military installations (if authorized), relocation service providers, section 8 and any other marketing facet required to get your property rented.

We also utilize what is called "cross linking" whereby we post a link to this site in every ad we post. This way tenants may be directed to your listing even if they originally weren't looking for it.

NOTE: Since we don't have visibility into third party systems, we cannot confirm that every listing was indexed. It can sometimes be tricky to isolate your listings, but the best way is to to search for unique identifiers (part of the listing subtitle, name, address, etc.), and don't forget to filter on attributes such as number of bedrooms or bathrooms, on the respective third party sites.

Step 4: Showings

Step 5: Screening

Step 6: The Lease Signing

Step 7: Post Closing

Ala-Carte Fee Schedule

  • Rental Market Analysis: $85.00
  • Court Ordered Rental Market Analysis: $125.00
  • Consulting & Facilitation: $100.00ph
  • Pre-Occupancy Inspection: $275.00
  • Turn-Over Inspection: $275.00
  • Document Preparation: $35.00 per document
  • Tenant Screening: $60.oo per tenant
  • Rental Closing: $475.00

*Fees are subject to change at any time