Offering highly efficient and progressive residential and mixed-use sales services for all of Rhode Island.


There are no magic wands available to Realtors when it comes to getting your home sold.  Some agents may hint at having "superior knowledge" over a particular neighborhood or city.  Others may boast about "connections" they have obtained through networking as means to getting the deal done.  Sure, these accomplishments have warrant in the real estate industry.  When we think about this though...aren't these claims more important to selling the agent's brand rather than your home?

The truth is however, there are many different factors involved in getting your home sold.  A customized plan must be carefully considered and then placed on a well structured foundation.

Here at Zen Real Estate Group, our focus is on you, the client.  We aim to accomplish this task by breaking the process into two main elements:

First Element-Narrow-View Analysis:  This is the part where we look at the details of the property and its location.  Pricing a home is not necessarily all about the "comps".  Sure, comps are important when establishing selling-price ranges for comparable homes.  More importantly however, it is necessary to compare the commonalities and differences between these comparable homes.  This particular element is especially useful in identifying a target market.

Second Element- A Firm Technological Foundation:  When it comes to operations, our main focus is maintain a status as "early adopters" for trending systems and technology.  This allows us to quickly identify "better use scenarios" and apply them to the various procedures and methods we utilize. The overall objective here is to get your home sold as quickly as possible at the highest amount current market conditions demand while maintaining efficiency and organization.

Our theory in practice?  If these two elements are applied properly, a home will in a sense "sell itself".