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A Progressive & Innovative
Approach to Rhode Island’s Real Estate Services

A progressive and innovative approach to Rhode Island’s Real Estate services. Here at Zen Real Estate Group, you will find a wide variety of valuable real estate resources and information. We operate upon a unique and innovative cloud-based platform whereby we utilize the latest in technological resources and “Green” business practices. This operating model translates into a higher success rate in our transactions, a more efficient process and an overall higher client/customer satisfaction.


Our Values


It is our commitment to continually engage in clean and environmentally smart business practices in everything we do. Some might call this “being green”. We prefer to call it "the obvious thing to do"!


Trends come and go.  We commit to staying on the forefront of technological and logistical advancements.


Our commitment be honest, fair and equitable to all that we engage with. We support and are full advocates of Fair Housing Laws and are official At Home With Diversity National Association of Realtors Certificate holders.

Explore our services


Connecting buyers with the right property through education, attentiveness and reassurance. Feel good about your purchase.


Offering a progressive and captivating marketing approach intended for a fast, efficient and cutting edge listing process.


An all inclusive, common sense approach to the leasing process. Time proven systems focused on finding the best quality.


Protecting your interests through experience and super solid operations. We take your burden and make it our responsibility.

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Whether you are looking to buy or sell a home or need assistance with leasing services or with property management, we are here to help!  Lets schedule some one on one time together....

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Have a question?  We are continually expanding our extensive FAQ section where you can find all the answers you are looking for!

Why use the self show feature?

One of the most challenging aspects of renting a property is coordinating a showing. Many schedules must align, and of course, all parties must show up to the appointment! Both landlords and tenants typically will need to juggle their work/personal ...Read More

How can I pay my rent?

If you are a resident of a property of which we are currently managing, you can pay rent in one of four ways: Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT): This is set up through your portal and transfers funds from your account ...Read More