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Co-op Agents

As experienced Agents, we understand the many challenges of procuring a listing/buyer client and even more so, the challenges of bringing the transaction to close.  We must all contend with educating our clients, market conditions, seasonal shifts, pricing, property conditions, home inspections and the financing process.  There are many common hurdles we all must overcome including agent to agent relationships.

Here at Zen Real Estate Group, we aim to make agent to agent relationships a positive experience.  We strive to work with you, with the common goal of  bringing the transaction to close while minimizing matters of contention along the way.  You will not find any "cut-throat" agents here in our office

How do we do this?  Open and honest communication is first and foremost.  We aim to provide you with timely updates on transaction progress and will do our best to meet timelines and will encourage our clients to make accommodations where possible.  We practice a progressive model with technology being our main assist.  All of our listings are available for quick and easy showings, all of our documents are paperless and you will never need to "chase" us for information.  We also disperse right at closing.  No more are the days waiting for "the office" to process your commission check.

We look forward to doing business with you!

NOTE: Any email recieved through our domain which is solicitive in nature including; agent recruiting, open-house alerts or any other mass email blast will be marked as "spam" and blocked from our domain.