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Tenant FAQ’s


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  • Do you accept service animals?

    Yes, service animals are welcome at all of our properties! There are never any pet fees/deposits charged for service animals however to be considered, tenants must provide the proper documentation to demonstrate that the animal is in fact a service animal.

  • Eviction v. Termination of Tenancy


    An eviction is a legal process initiated by a landlord/manager against a tenant for non-payment of rent or for other reasons (such as breach of contract etc.). The goal of an eviction is to seek a judgement against a tenant for monies owed and/or possession of the property. To be valid, an official process must be followed and usually begins with a tenant being "served" official court documents by a sheriff.


    A termination of tenancy can be initiated by either a tenant or a landlord/manager. It is simply a notice of one's intent not to renew the lease agreement and a reason for termination is not required by either party. To properly terminate tenancy, notice must be given at least 30 days prior to the next rental payment period for month to month rentals and at least 90 days prior to the next rental payment period for annual lease agreements.

  • Is this property still available?

    We update the status and availability of our properties instantly as it may change. If you see a property on the site, it is still "on the market" for rent/sale and will be clearly marked as "active". Although it is important to note that just because a property is on the market/site does not mean that it is accepting new offers/applications. Should this be the case, the property will be clearly marked as "pending".

  • Rent Pro-Rations (Per-Diem)

    On a lease, the "per diem" or "per day" amount is what is costs to rent a property on a daily basis. This is particularly useful for pro-rations in rental rates when there is a move-in/move-out in between rent cycles. It is also helpful when establishing other various credits and charges to be assessed to a tenants ledger.

    The per-diem rate is often incorrectly calculated using a 30 day or monthly rent cycle. It should instead be calculated based on the annual rental rate.

    Monthly Rent x 12 months / 365 days = per diem

    Here is an example:

    Sally and Sam Tenant are accepted to rent the property at 2980 Main Street at a rate of $1,000 per month. If we apply our standard formula listed above, we take $1,000 (monthly rent), multiply this by 12 months and then divide this by 365 days (in a year). This gives us a per-diem of $32.87.

    Although leases typically start on the first of the month, Sally and Sam are ready to move early and would like take possession of the property on September 20th. They are therefore liable for the days occupied from September 20th to September 30th (or 11 days). 11 days times $32.87 per-diem equals $361.57. This would be considered the first month's rent.

  • What is "Add to Waiting List"?

    On occasion, a property may not be available to be shown. This can be due to maintenance being performed or the property may still be occupied. If you see this status, it is typically very temporary, usually about a week or less. Tenants can still request a viewing by clicking on the "add to waiting list" button and they will be notified by email as soon as the property becomes available again.