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There are many moving parts required for a successful sale!  The entire process can often be frustrating and feel very overwhelming.  Our goal is to redefine the selling experience and turn a stressful process into an enjoyable and rewarding experience! 

By combining experience and technology, we are able to provide a much more streamlined and stress-free experience for all that we engage with!


The New England/ Rhode Island real estate industry has been traditionally slow to adapt to the technological trends common in other sectors of commerce.  Just think for example, the experience you last had when you ordered something on Amazon or had some fun with Google street view!  Do  you remember how easy and enjoyable it was?  Why should the real estate market differ?

Whether it be the selling process or the purchasing process, we encourage all parties to come together to achieve the same common goal; a safe, fair and enjoyable experience in the exchange of real estate!

Zen Real Estate Group brings together the ease and convenience of doing business and the technological tools to actively engage interested buyers.  We employ a regimented yet progressive and common sense approach to selling real estate!

Are you ready to experience the difference?

Our Values


It is our commitment to continually engage in clean and environmentally smart business practices in everything we do. Some might call this “being green”. We prefer to call it "the obvious thing to do"!


Trends come and go.  We commit to staying on the forefront of technological and logistical advancements.


Our commitment be honest, fair and equitable to all that we engage with. We support and are full advocates of Fair Housing Laws and are official At Home With Diversity National Association of Realtors Certificate holders.

Let Us Help You

Here are just a few of the many key components of our listing process

Market Analysis

Through our many years of exposure to shifts in the market, available technology, and specialized training, we can help you establish a well-targeted valuation in direct alignment with current market conditions and trends.


To attract buyers online, a property needs exposure and it must be done right!  We syndicate our listings with over 30 different websites and funnel any leads that come through into an online lead management system.  What we are left with is a more targeted and refined buyer pool.

Aerial Photography

Drones (otherwise known as UAV's) seem to be everywhere these days!   Through an artful eye and technological approach, we offer buyers a unique perspective beyond conventional means.

Paperless Signing

Ink on paper signing is not simply becoming a thing of the past, it is a thing of the past!  Electronic signing is faster, more secure, more convenient and more economical than traditional ink on paper.  As a paperless office, we utilize electronic signatures on all of our transaction documents.  

Zen Real Estate Group is committed to environmentally smart business practices.  We are currently operating at approximatley 97% paper free!

Streamlined Showing Process

Capturing buyers at their peak interest is critical to getting your home sold fast!  Traditional scheduling methods result and delays and scheduling frustrations. We utilize a streamlined and automated viewing request process which ensures a timely, accurate and frustration free scheduling experience.  


Yes, the cameras on our phones take some pretty great shots!   Properly showcasing your home however requires that of a professional!  We staff such professionals on a full time basis ensuring that you will always receive the the best quality photos & video appropriate for your type of property/transaction.

Education & Experience

When the deal is done, we want you to feel good about the process!  We strongly believe that by providing meaningful information to our clients results and a much more successful and enjoyable transaction.  

Floor Plans

*Service coming soon

Our specialized 3D cameras can electronically capture the layout of a home or building.  

To properly represent a property for sale online, it needs to offer buyers different perspectives!  Floor plans provide a specific kind of view for those buyers who need to see the "bigger picture".  

3D Virtual
& Interactive Tours

*Service coming soon

Using specialized cameras and software, we are able to provide buyers with a truly immersive walk through experience!  On select properties, buyers can "virtually" walk-through your home at a time that is most convenient for them!  3D virtual tours allow buyers to see detail and perceptive never before possible with video or still shots.  Oh and yes, its compatible with many 3D goggles! 

Organized Operations

Yeah...we have it together! We employ well trained staff, continually scrutinize our work flows and demand strict adherence to policies, laws and procedures!

Use Our Experience To Your Advantage!

Whether you are looking to buy or sell a home or need assistance with leasing services or with property management, we are here to help!  Lets schedule some one on one time together....

Learn With Us!

Have a question?  We are continually expanding our extensive FAQ section where you can find all the answers you are looking for!

Why use the “self show” feature?

Even with full-time agents on staff, one of the most difficult aspects of listing a property for rent is coordinating a showing. Many schedules must align and of course, all parties must show. Rently perfects both aspects and allows prospective tenants secure and self-directed access 7 days a week, 7:00am to 7:00pm.

User feedback on this process has been super positive and very well received! Although the process may be fairly new to the Rhode Island housing market, we often find that tenants actually prefer going through the property on their own.

How does the auto-show process work?

When requesting self-directed showings, tenants will be provided with a brief authentication process. During this process, tenants must verify identity and present a valid (non-prepaid) credit/debit card. Upon successful verification, prospective tenants will be presented with a one-time-use code valid only during the day/time requested during the authentication process. Prospective tenants will be granted access during the verified day/time and must complete a brief condition survey upon entering and exiting property.

Property Tax Assessment

Every parcel and structure in Rhode Island has been applied a valuation intended to establish general worth of a property. This "assessment" or property value has been established through an appraisal process, typically facilitated by the local municipality.

It is important to remember that the tax assessed value is primarily established as a means to determine how much property taxes the owner of the parcel will pay. The value established by the tax assessor is typically not appropriate for establishing market value which is how much a property should be expected to sell for if placed on the market for sale. For this purpose, a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) should be performed by one of our agents.

Access Rhode Island's Tax Assessor database by clicking here.

What is a denial of service fee?

We keep a very busy schedule maintaining the safety and quality of our units. To achieve this, we often will need to obtain access to a unit to conduct an inspection or perform maintenance.

We understand that these intrusions can at times be an inconvenience to our residents and to their rightful enjoyment of the dwelling. We therefore give careful consideration for ensuring that proper notice is provided through at least two modes of communications (when available).

Once proper notice is provided, it is up to the resident to report back to management if a scheduled visit to the unit needs to be changed. Our team will always do our best to accommodate these requests however there are at times where obtaining access to a unit is absolutely critical to maintaining proper safety and security of the dwelling and its occupants as a whole.

If we are denied access to the unit or the unit or, is not ready to be serviced under these circumstances, we will need to reschedule our team members or vendors. This often adds a financial burden to the owner. As such, that burden is passed to the resident in the form of a "fee" .

"Denial of access fees" will always be clearly communicated with our residents with each and every visit to the unit. If there are no fees communicated, none will be charged.

How can I pay my rent?

If you are a resident of a property of which we are currently managing, you can pay rent in four ways:

  1. Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT):  This is set up through your portal and transfers funds from your account to ours.  Note that when setup, we do not have any access to account information and money can only be transferred when you initiate it.   The cost for this service is free.
  2. Credit/Debit: This option is set up through your portal.  Note that when setup, we do not have any access to account information and money can only be transferred when you initiate it.  The cost for this service is typically 2.75% of the transaction amount.
  3. Mail:  Rent can be mailed to Zen Real Estate Group, 2980 West Shore Road, Suite #1A, Warwick Rhode Island 02886.  The fee for processing rent paid by check is $2.00.  The fee for processing rent by money order/cashiers check is free.
  4. Drop Off:  Rent can be hand delivered to Zen Real Estate Group, 2980 West Shore Road, Suite #1A, Warwick Rhode Island 02886.  Please leave item in one of our secure drop boxes (located outside each main entrance door) in an envelope with your name and unit #.  The fee for processing rent paid by check is $2.00.  The fee for processing rent by money order/cashiers check is free.

NOTE:  No cash will be accepted under any circumstances.

Do you accept section 8?

Section 8 of the Housing Act of 1937 (42 U.S.C. § 1437f), often called "Section 8" is a government funded program designed to assist low income individuals/families in being able to afford clean and safe housing.

The amount of rent supplemented for the section 8 housing recipient(s) may vary based on certain factors such as income, zip code and number of dependents. A property's rental rate must also therefore align with these basic standards. If the offered market rent exceeds this ratio, it is automatically disqualified from being eligible in the housing assistance program. It is of course important to remember that "everything is negotiable" ! As such, we encourage reasonable cooperation between landlords and tenants whenever possible.

If a unit is available to rent to section 8 recipients, we will clearly indicate so in all of our ads.

Here at Zen Real Estate Group we are in full support of the mission of the Office of Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity and remain fully compliant with the Federal Fair Housing Practices Act and the Rhode Island Fair Housing Laws.

Our systems are purposefully designed to remain in step with the fair housing mission,in compliance with local and federal laws and with awareness of equity for both Landlords and Tenants alike.